Final Lesson: Travel is a privilege.

Lessons from the 6ix: FINAL LESSON

Travel is a privilege.


Travel is a privilege. Not everyone can afford to travel domestically much less internationally.  Passports are expensive and buying a plane ticket is like paying half your rent or mortgage to go somewhere! Tack on all the excess bag fees, seat fees, snack fees, pillow and blanket fees, movie/music and internet usage fees and the terrorist fees and that’s another couple of hundred dollars. They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, but that is NOT a literal saying.

I have traveled to Toronto by car (via Sarnia, faster customs), by Greyhound and by air. My definite airport preference is the Chicago Midway to Billy Bishop route versus traveling O’Hare to Toronto-Pearson. O’Hare is far from city center, has longer security and check-in lines and is more expensive to get to unless you’re taking the train, which I only do in extreme circumstances or unless I’m just doing a short weekend (i.e., small suitcase/bag). Similarly, YYZ (Pearson) has similar downsides. MDW is less hectic, shorter security lines and less expensive to get to from home. YTZ lands in downtown Toronto adjacent to the Toronto Islands and financial district and is thus, centrally located to everything. Duty free shopping (The shop just after US security line B has Icewine Tea for sale and frequently offers sample Icewine tastings 😀 ) and a small cafe is available in the airport. While Porter planes are small, they make up for it with great snack options, adult sized beverages and a nice lounge area with variations of leather seating and tables with outlets. You don’t have to be first or business class to feel privileged sitting in a cushy leather armchair.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel…anywhere, but especially outside the country. It reminds me of how good I really have it at home even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Adieu for now, Canada!

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