It’s Gonna Be Okay

Lessons from the 6ix: It’s Gonna Be Okay

5 July 2017 Day 8




Today is my last full day in Ontario until the next time and I found it hard to muster the energy or interest to do much. I think it started last night when I decided to stream news from the States, in particular from Chicago (WGN). That was a mistake because it brought me back to reality a little sooner than necessary! It brought me back to the the rollercoaster of emotions that is my daily life, usually marked by boredom which is why that Aquarius pouch at Indigo books caught my eye today. It’s Hump Day or Free (bike) Ride Wednesday as it’s known here in the 6ix, but I couldn’t find much to hold my fancy or anywhere that I wanted to go that I haven’t seen before. I found momentary respite in the grassy knolls between the residence halls and relaxed, but was disappointed that Mother Nature picked today and yesterday to be the nicest of the whole trip (weather wise anyway). I walked around the Annex and the St. George campus in lieu of going downtown or to the outlet mall to recapture previous trips and times in other residences. I smiled at a few areas that looked like spots I’d seen in 1 or more episodes of Orphan Black (I could be wrong, though, since they reference Scarborough more than Toronto). Nothing completely broke the melancholy, though. Reality had definitively set in about 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time. I am officially in transition mode (that unpleasant zone between vacation mode and work mode), but it’s gonna be okay. While I didn’t get to do all the things I’d hoped for months back when I planned the trip, I still had a phenomenal week and am richer for it. I am more appreciative of things I never had to think about before, like the ability to walk long distances without pain or the ability to walk up and down flights of stairs with ease. This has truly been a humbling experience. The challenge now is to make the life I’m living a life that I love….a life beyond just “okay.”


The theme of the day


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