Today wasn’t exciting…and That’s Okay!

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Lessons from the 6ix:

Today wasn’t exciting…and that’s okay!

3 July 2017 (Day 6)

Today was a beautiful, sunny laid back day – I did my walk, did a little shopping, made some social media connections, started packing and am about to watch a movie. Just because I’m on vacation that doesn’t meant that every day is going to be perfect or magical. LIfe is still life no matter where you are on the planet…there are going to be good days and bad days. It’s out of your control really and that’s okay.  I was thinking about the holiday today and got a little sad thinking about how they just won’t be the same anymore with mom having been gone almost 3 years to the day (12 July) and now, with Uncle Al not being around, but someone reached out to me about Imerman Angels today – an organization that supports cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. They provided me with a mentor (Becky) a few years ago and it was a lifesaver. Being able to chat or email with someone in the wee hours of the morning kept me sane during the worst time of my life. Then, being able to connect with my mentor even after mom’s passing was beautiful (She even ran in honor of her mom, my mom and a few others for the Chicago Marathon in 2015).


Today, just from a random comment on someone else’s Instagram post, I have a connect to the founder of that organization! That turned my sadness into a little bit of joy.

They say that exercise is also a cure for the blues so I walked as much as I could today and then, public transit when I got too tired. I got to see a bit more of the city today/went in a different direction and through some different neighborhoods on the way to another mall and that’s good. I went to regular stores, not the touristy ones and rubbed shoulders with everyday Torontonians – even popping in a Walmart SuperCentre!


I was initially really disappointed that my shopping haul wasn’t as “big” as I’d expected (I fell in love with a bunch of shoes that couldn’t come home with me), but even that’s okay  – less things to stuff in the suitcase on the way back in a couple of days.

I’m okay with a somewhat boring day after days of excitement and activity because it gives me time to reflect and rejuvenate for my AirBnB Experience: Black History Walk with Jacqueline tomorrow starting in another part of T.O. that I’ve yet to explore- – the Castle Frank/Rosedale area.




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